i have a tsl 60 + 1960a halfstack, but im wondering
if it is worth another 650 to buy the lower cab and make a fullstack.
will it make that much of a difference?
IT would be way more cool to have a handwired Marshall head or a Mesa head than a full Tsl 60 full stack, but if you wanna keep it into tsl 60 and the cab thing well I dont think you really need it 'cause at home its pretty loud and in shows you get your cab mic so...
Full-stacks are for show only; there's no real point to them, it just pushes more air and spreads the sound more. But even then in a gig you're gonna be miced anyways.
oh ic. whatever then im planning on spending that 650 on the deluxe voodoo mod and make the crunch channel as close to a plexi as possible and CRANK IT UP