I need some knowledgable advice here, please only talk if you know what you're talking about.

My friend lent me a portable dvd player of which she can't find the plug for, and it calls for a 13.5 volt DC adaptor/1.2 Amps.

Now, I have two adaptors I wanna try with it.

One is only 9v but 1.2 A. The other is 13.5 V but only 1 A .

Which would be less likely to blow something up?
Go with the 13.5 V. It's better for it to have less amps than volts (or so I've heard)
It probably won't even run on 9V if it requires 13.5v.
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Definately not the 9v, that is a recipe for fire or damage to the dvd player. The requirements for the dvd player could be googled, and it may say something like 13.5 V and no more than 1.2 amps (I have seen that on something...somewhere). But either way I wouldn't do it until you research the actual product specs.
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never ever plug with different voltage since i have broke one of my mp3 players like that before.
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and that's it.
Alright so we've established not to use the 9v.

What could possibly go wrong with the DVD, which calls for 1.2, being used with a 1A?
I thought elctronics could handle more power, but with less they fry?
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