i currently own a line 6 spider II and unsatisfied with it so i was thinking of trading up. i am searching for and amp that can pull of tones such as bands like a7x and metallica. im looking for an amp that can pull of hard rock and metal tones. i have about $300-400 to spend and was wondering if i could get some opinions on which amp to try/buy.
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Marshall JCM900

Notice how he has $300-$400 to spend.

If I was you I'd go for a Randall Rg75G3 (or G2 used) they run under $400, and have great metallica/slayer-esque tones.
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I have a VOX AD50VT, and so far its been really good. Although Im definately not a fan of metal, i could see how this could suit your needs, as it has a setting specifially for metal that sounds pretty loud and really distorted, but then again, i have very little experience with metal.
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Do you have the $300-$400 in addition to what you'd get for the Spider II if you sold it?

yes i have about $400 saved plus money/credit from the spider.
I'd say check ebay for some used stuff people are tellin my to do that then settle with Piles you call amps. lol.