Hey everybody. I'm starting this thread again cause it got deleted, cause I guess I put it in the wrong section. So I've been playing for a while but I really don't listen to that many bands, cause I dont have the money to be buying CD's all the time. I ve heard a lot of songs out there from friends and other guitar players. But, Never got the names of most songs. So if anybody can post some good songs that anybody knows. I play alot of Metalica, Pink Floyd and Scorpions. But mosly I like thinking of stuff on my own... Which I figured out nobody likes to listen to that. So if anybody wants to post any songs from good bands that are easy to play along with ones you learn 'em then I would really apreciate it.
See the classic rock reccomendation thread for some Pink Floyd CDs, and be sure to check out other bands in their genre.
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