First Song (style:Think Atreyu)


These Wings Torn And Tattered.
Belive Me, I Tried! I Tried So Damn Hard.
Will I Burn? For My Sins? Mabye.

Remember All The Times We've had.
When They Laughed I fought.
They should've thought twice before crossing Our Path.


I feel the Blood under my Fingernails.
Callosed, My heart and Your To blame.
Do you know what you did?.
Do you think you did Right?.
I KNOW you will Burn.
At least i know Why.

Hush Now Dont Make a Sound.(2x)
Your Soul Yet to be found.
You've Turned You Back too many times now.

Me And You.
We Can Burn Together.

First Song I know i have alot of work to do but here it is any and all Crit will do
Posted by:forty-six_and_2
I molested a spider once...

Posted by:forty-six_and_2
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I like it alot. The best parts were the bridge and the outro. Once again you've written an awesome song. 10/10