So yeah, right now I'm using a crappy Epi SG Special. 150 dollar guitar, really poor IMO.

To make it worse, I screwed around with the thing a ton. I messed with the pickups poles, stop bar, installed a pickup myself without using a soldering gun (Just tied some wires together), and it has hit the ground a few times in a less than soft manner. :P (Not MY fault. I think the neck is horribly positioned for a nice performing instrument because of this. T_T)

Anyway.. What I'm trying to get at, is the guitar is pretty beat up and VERY subpar.

The sustain is poor, I get a bunch of fret buzz, and the pups suck nuts. My neck pickup has a tendency to breakup occasionally because of the poor tie job on the wires, and the connectors on the inside that touch the input jack are just tied around them too. (They broke shortly after I received the guitar, and I have no clue as to how that happened. O.o)

I want a new guitar. I can't stand the poor sustain, constant breakup, sound of wires connecting just barely then cutting out, sub par action, and a broken tuner (Forgot to mention that )

I want to spend around 450-600 dollars, and for the most part, I've been considering an Ibanez. I was thinking an SZ520 or SZ720 or whatever. One of those models that get good reviews.

However, I'm into story of the year, and more modern bands than classic, and I noticed SotY use PRS guitars. So, I went to musician's Friend, and typed in PRS. I came across this guitar:


The reviews for that thing are amazing, probably some of the best reviews on the site (For having such a large number of them). I was wondering if the hype is really worth it. I was pretty dead set on the Ibanez being the best bang for the buck, then I saw this. I love the looks of it as well.

Can anyone rate it from personal experience, or just provide any sort of aid to my decision? Thanks a TON!

Reminder: I love modern rock, and punkish sounds. And sustain. And clear notes.

And cheap prices. (450-600)

Thanks in advance.
tone wise there the same. both have just stock pups but the Ibanez's are a little better. hardware is way better on the ibanez. the PRS bridges doesnt have saddels to adjust innotation, and the tuners are also crap. and playability wise i think the Ibanez is better. i own a SZ320 my self and love it. and i also plan on buying a SZ520 soon. i was going to get the PRS SE Custom until i played it. but there are people who do like it. just play them both and then decided.
^I second everything LP dude said!

The PRS SE guitar are good for the money, but they seem to fall very short of the PRS name. IMO, they feel cheap, though they are decent.

The SZ on the other hand, is an amazing guitar. You're getting much more with it than you're paying for!
Dude, when considering a PRS...it's like Nike... Just Do It
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Quote by guitarrocka205
Dude, when considering a PRS...it's like Nike... Just Do It

yeah but thats when it comes to guitars like the Custom 22's that you have. have you ever played the SE Custom? i have and its a rather discrase to the PRS name.