The intonation on my acoustic is off. I'm talking 12 cents sharp at the 12th fret. How (or can) you adjust the intonation on an acoustic?
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1st step in fixing acoustic intonation is making sure the truss rod is properly adjusted. Put a capo on the 1st fret and push your low E down on the 14th fret. Now measure how much space is between the 7th fret and the low E string (when you have the string pressed down). If there is more than a credit card thickness then you need to tighten your truss rod.

If your truss rod is adjusted properly then then next best thing is to look at your nut. Typically the nut is too tall. You want the strings to be as close to the 1st fret as possible without buzzing. Some guitars are easy to take the nut off of so that you can file it down. Others are not. If you can knock the nut loose then you can sand the bottom of the nut and the put it back in. Check your progress often because it's important that you don't go too far. Doing this will not only help bring down the intonation but it will also make the strings feel lighter and make the guitar easier to play.

If the strings are already as low as they can go at the nut, or if your guitar is one where you can not easily knock the nut loose then you need to look at the sadle. Th crown of the saddle can be moved back and forth by filings off of either side. You need to make your scale longer which means you need to file material off of the side that is closer to the neck. Only file off the material 1 string at a time and be sure you don't file anything off the top because that will ruin your action.
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