I know posted this in musician talk but i only got like 2 replies, so I'm posting it here

In the song Bed of Razors by C.O.B, is there anyway, using effects, to get the sound of the keyboards from the intro??
Just started learning the song and I was thinking how cool it would be to play the keyboard part on guitar and then switch channels for Alexi's part.

Any help is appreciated.
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umm.. i suppose if you had the right effect it would sound right then wouldnt it... i dont really understand your question..
I'm asking if anyone would know what effect/effects could make that sound
Epi LP--->Digitech RP3--->Crate GT-200
Roland Guitar Synthesizer system. A bit pricey though, and it's more of a mod than a pedal. I think it's pretty cool. Check out some Moog pedals (the Moogerfooger to be specific) and Electro Harmonix makes some synth pedals. John Frusciante uses the Electro Harmonix and Moog pedals. Hope that answers your question.
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well id let the keyboards play first..or if not possible...just play it with a bit of reverb...thats what i do....
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Try tapping it on a clean channel, I have no idea but if its across 3 strings or more you should be good. Cool song...
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