****in A man. Thats pretty good **** dude...uh...Yea love the pinches man, although maybe turn up the rythem more other then that Great stuff...kinda like the stuff my friend comes up with, with the whole pulloff thing you do.
I like it a lot. Really tight, and the harmonies are great. A bit repetitive though. Keep it up.
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That sounds great man, I can tell Testament is one of your greatest influences haha. Nicely done, although i think you could turn rythm up a little bit like Bill said. The ending adds taste too it also. crit if you wish https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=374777 (probably not your type)
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thanks for the comments, idiot pneapple, yes man, is a bit repetitive, simply because there aren't vocals or leads yet, i jus twanted to lay out an idea with a drum loop, haha thanks though