Yeah i noticed every thread i looked at in here was either Pink Floyd AC/DC or Led Zepplin. Well now you have a chance to talk about them and any other classic rock band you want to talk about!
how about Blue Oyster Cult that band is flippin sahweet
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some guy today was all like, " ahah dude likez OMG you wanna see ma HUGE SAUSAGGE??? likez ZOMG its tEH biggest EVER! " And i was all like, no dude show me your DICK
best band would always be the jimi hendrix experience . . . but other awsome bands lyk THE WHO or TED NUGGENT (if anyone watches supergroup i liked him way before he roked that show ha)
What ever classic rock band you wanna talk about you can

Er...um...That's kinda the point of the entire forum there, chum :
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I'm more of a hermafrodite guy.

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