mmk so I've been saving up for a while and i have about $1000 CAN to spend on a new amp or guitar but i can't decide what i should get

the guitar i want is an esp LTD EX-400 but its like $900+ and I have a ****ty amp to put it thru it can go loud, and i have a GNX 3 to make it sound good, but me adn some buddies are starting a band and it barely goes over the drummer.

I ahven't really decided on the amp I want, I think I want either a line 6 spider II 212 but i dunno if this will get the sounds I want (anything from Zepplin too Children of Bodom)

the other amp i was looking at was an AVT 150 half stack, but i reading some pretty ****ty reivews, and some good ones, so i dunno bout taht one..

ne way i wanna know wut u guys think i should do, and otehr suggestions for guitars, and amps i can get with taht money would be nice

thx in advance
Those amps are no good.
List your current guitar and amp, but without knowing those, id suggest getting an amp, specifially a Fender Hotrod Deville which should cost around 800usd
the amp i have is an Alden AG-20 (if u've hared of this i applaud u )

the guitar I have is an eastwood les paul copy, i played it thru my friends little marshall pocket amp and it schooled his squire for metal tone thru it lol.
get an amp. You can go for a 700 full stack. its made by Crate. but idk if thats what you want. It all depends. That pedal of yours can get all the tones of which you speak. but that amp cant really. so you decide
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Definately go with amp, as not only have I not heard of it, I can find nothing on it. Your guitar seems to be decent enough, or at least will last you long after your amp current amp.
Dont go with the full stack as not only is it WAY too much to carry around, but by micing the Hot Rod, youll save your ears as well. Go with the fender, its worth it.
don't buy a AVT... of anykind.... please don't.
With your equipment i would seriously suggest investing in a laney GH100ti, which is the Toni Iommi signature model with a laney GS412LA cabinet. Why? IT'S REALLY LOUD (incase you didn't know toni iommi is the guitarist from black sabbath, so it has to be) It's a tube amp, AND it only has one channel which hosts an awesome clean state and a vicious gainy state if you max it out. With the digi GNX3, you can just run it clean and use the pedal for all effects. Also, it won't break the bank considering it ain't all that versatile as far as channels go. It also has a mad effects loop that you can plug your guitar into the return and hit the db swithc for a massive pregain boost.
The thing looks metal and is rugged as FVCK!
heh, don't get the spider II and don't get the AVT's. They both suck pretty bad. Plus a GNX over a spider? Modelation stuff is questionable already, don't layer it. If you have the modeling just get a good tube amp or something. Especially with all the money you have. Just a suggestion: Get rid of the GNX3 to add a lil cash. I don't know how much they are worth since GNX4 and GNX3000 came out but maybe if your headed torwards valve amps you can get a vox. They have good modeling in some of their amps. What "sh***" guitar do you have?
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