i'm having trouble with my guitar every time iplay it just buzzes like crazy and i can't evon play with my band with this guitar i got to use my crappy one.....
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i have been having the same problem with my friends jackson. when i initially borrowed it from him i discovered that the neck humbuckers wires where not atatched. so i resodered them to there respective places and now it buzzez like hell. i beleive it is eiter my pore soddering or it could be anouther factor.

now i know this is not answering your question but here is my point. i would recomentd that you bring it to a guitar shop and have them figure out what is causing your delema. anouther possiblity is loose wire connections or they are dirty. look were all the wires are and check to see if anything looks rusted or odd clean it and test it. if this fails you may ery well have to have it repaired. have them check the intonation and adjust the truss rod to as well and if they manage to fix your buzzing problem then it will also sound better in the long run.

a sound gate is only covering up the problem and could cause even more problems with the guitar if unchecked. it chould be used as a last resort to your problem or just to improve the soud q

hope this is infomative and helpfull and good luck

also sometimes a bad guitar cable can cause hum.

and what type of guitar/amp is it? because single coils hum.

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