Need something to listen to while Waiting for the Bus? PM me for the Live in M2 concert, a must for WFTB Fans [9.67mg]

Lol, thats the thing I have in my MSN personal message.
Anyway, My band did some songs for a Music Assignment,
Shovel (by Quicksand) and Time is Running Out (by Muse)
The recordings sound really crap because:
1. No mixers (for Aux sends)
2. My drummer mate is WAY too loud
3. Somehow fell into the hands of these 2 girls in my class, lol
4. I used a Target Brand MP3 Player to record it.

Anyway, If you wanna have a listen, or to give constructive critizism, please PM/Email me at "winnorulz@hotmail.com"
(The reason why its not on the net is because my ripway account died, and I can't be bothered registering again, because I'm not sure if I'll use it)

PS: I played lead guitar for both songs, and I did 2 more songs for other people in my class (I Believe in a thing called Love by The Darkness and Hysteria by Muse, Believe in a thing called Love I did Rhythm and Hysteria I did Lead)