Sarah's Song redux, should be first track. Crit for crit as always.

This is a newer version of prob my best recieved track and is basically the best I can do production wise with audacity, a squier strat, an rp50 and a piddly bass practice amp.

The drums seem to be too quiet. The rhytym guitar sounds pretty good. You need to work more on the vocals. There was some major pitch issues on some spots. Same goes to the guitar solos. Good choice of the notes, but the phrasing was somewhat poor. All in all, good attempt dude.

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Those aren't drums. It's delay and reverb effect and I'm basically scraping the strings then slapping them while muting.

The whole thing didn't come out exactly perfect the way I wanted it. But I got impatient with Audacity.

Thanks. Critting yours now.
crit as i listen...

so far its sounds good...guiitar has good clean tone. Vocals are not bad either could use alittle work tho, sounds a little off key every now and then but good overall, i like the idea of the vox.

when the distorion comes in, is teh voclas weakest point but they get better again. decent job....could use some cleanign up and the wo wo's need work!

thanks for tehc rit btw, that made me chuckle haha "But this definately comes together like a well made sandwich."
It has a nice clean riff. I like the percussive delay business. Is their an effect on the vocals? They seem to sound a bit grainy, but overall they are not too bad...a little off in some parts, like in the "whoa hoa" parts...You are Austalian, so that gives you extra points.

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Thanks for critting my stuff!
Critting as I listen...
I dig those drum sounds, you say you made them with a guitar? Neat!
Vocals sound good, nice melody, might want to turn them up a little.
Guitar interlude also sounds pretty good.
Vocals are a little out-of-tune around 2:00 and the "woah-oh"s are, too.
Quality overall isn't the greatest, but not bad at all!
Keep at it, you've definitely got something.
wow man this song like hit me man, i mean the vocals are good, kinda of bad at points, the music is cool too, but of my state of being right now this song really affected me. I can feel the emotion behind this song, and because of that it makes it a good even great song, for me at least, though its hard to make out the lyrics, just the sound the emotions that are expressed, great song man. i liked it man, you guys inspired me to add vocals to the song you critted. thanks for critting my song by the way, i appreciate it.
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