What's the difference between a condensed mic and a dynamic mic?

Thanks in advance.
Condensor needs a power source, and is usually more sensitive.
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Also condensors are more expensive. They're generally used as premium vocal and acoustic instrument studio mikes.

You'd use a dynamic to mic an amp, or for vocals in a live performance.
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Dynamic mics are pretty much a speaker in reverse. They are very robust and pretty cheap; which makes them great for on stage work. However frequency response isn't as good as for condenser mics.

Condenser mic works much like a variable capacitor. Much more delicate and expensive than dynamic mics, although have better frequency response. More suited to studio work.
Condensor mics are known to give a more realistic sound which is why they are usually used on vocals and acoustic guitars.
condensor mics require phantom power, are more sensitive, and are used for vocals or acoustics.... dynamic mics are mainly for micing amps...

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