It's about time we had one of these threads. Dream Theater > j00

And on a side note...I just found a section on their site that has chords/tabs to their songs, including the stuff from LTE.
I just downloaded their "Live at Budokan" dvd...freakin' sweet; it's currently owning my face off.

Sorry <><, but I'm pretty sure this will get closed/deleted.

The mods already said that DT should be discussed in the DT thread in the Shred forum.
Meh. If DT should be discussed there, so should countless other bands that we talk about all the time in here.

Back on topic...
Anybody know what's up with that little fish sticker on the side of Jordan Rudess' keyboard?
Alright...I shall delete this thread and ask whether I may re-post it, so as not to desecrate a thread about Dream Theater by starting it off on the wrong foot.
I don't see why they shouldn't belong here. But better safe then sorry. Keep it to the Shred Forum. Because I personally think that DT is a lot more rockier then Metal on later albums. So instead of just discussing earlier work etc. Just keep it to the shred forum.
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