well hell.... slap bassist here... no need for me at school. everyone is into punk and emo crap. all i do is play punk and cant find any freeking people to jam with. every week you gatta play a different song with people and get scored on it. im tired of the constant screaming of love your country hate your government kinda crap.. any thoughts on some slap bass solos i could cover? playable stuff, not incredibly crazy just showy and give out the message to the people "i play better then you think" kinda way.

im not very smart when it comes to problem solving... thanks.

viva la buds
Well I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here. I think you're asking for songs to do with some good slap bass, right?

In that case, definately some Red Hot Chili Peppers. Definately the best bet.

Try looking into some stuff by Victor Wooten and/or Jaco Pastorius too; the latter doesn't slap as much but his basslines are fucking good.
well, you know the guitar solos that ONLY have guitar ? well like that but -guitar and +bass. like a drum solo but -drums and +bass. might be a stoopid question to begin with but hell. too much stress for finals heh...