As a general question, is larrivee a well made guitar. Are they mass produced such as other bigger brand names, or do they focus on quality over quantity. I was just looking for some personal opinions becasue I was thinking about buying one.
They are mass produced but they are still good guitars. Each shop tech turn out a minimum of 6 guitars a day when a luthier would be making 1 or 2 guitars a month. Jean Larrivee still carves every neck himself. The shop techs that he has working for him still fine tune the bracing by hand rather than just leaving it up to a CNC machine. Other things that make larrivee different are that he uses superglue to join the back together and to glue on the bridge. Most people would think that is a bad thing but I have never seen a bridge come off of a Larrivee guitar and I have never seen the back seem split. Larrivee does use a different bracing layout than most companies. Some people think this makes the tone more mellow and well rounded, others think it makes the guitar sound boaring.

If you like the tone of Larrivee guitars then they are great.
Not taking any online orders.
the few larrivee's that i have played sounded really great. although pricey i think they are worth the money. as cord said, they are "hand made."
thats the thing, i know there a pricey guitar and my buddy is selling his for pretty cheap ,I dont know what series it is but he said he paid about 1600 for it and is selling it for 450, and before i found out any specifics about it, or even play it i just wanted a little background info about the company as a starting point.
^-- that sounds like a steal. you definitely need to play it and give it a thorough inspection... but chances are pretty good that you're getting a fantastic deal.
actually i've played taylors, martins, high end taks and seagulls, and i favoured the tone of the larrivee guitars i tried a lot more than the others, it's really well balanced throughout the strings, and the mids sound full and gorgeous, highs are smooth and not tinny, lows are low but not crunchy, nice and warm, smooth

definitely worth trying out a larrivee..