Does anyone have a good jazz song recomendation which i can find good tabs for online? I am trying to learn some jazz and i thought the best way is to see how others are composed. Thanks
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Autumn leaves
Black orpheus
Blue bossa
Body and soul

That should get you started Also, I suggest learning to form chords and read sheet music You can also buy a real book, they have hundreds of jazz songs in them!
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^2nded on the real book.
Also, if you want a challenge, trying looking for the Charlie Parker Omnibook, the C instrument edition. It's got loads of his solos, very nice for analyzing and just seeing what he was doing inside the chord changes.
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Buy this book: The Real Book (16USD)

Has almost every major jazz tune for $16, and forces you to read sheet music (=good)

Or just learn this song: Take Five - Dave Brubeck It's in 5/4 with the key signature Gb, it is super badass. I'm not sure if the tab is really accurate, I just skimmed it.
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yeah, if you wanna play jazz, get the real book, learn to read music and comp chords. Also, you should probably record yourself comping the cords so you can solo over them. Just take it Freddy Greene stlye for now (straight up quarter notes).
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I just submitted a Jazz chord lesson. I have a rough copy of it in UG Contribution right now. Look over that. It doesn't have any song reccomendations, but I do mention the "Real Book" in the newer copy. I second that.