Not bad, the vocals were... eh, but the music wasn't bad.

The solo sounded like it was missing notes in some places and adding some in others, and that a lot of it was either improvised or the timing was different. Also, the tone for the solo was cool at some parts, but a bit annoying at others.

Overall it was pretty good.
wasnt too keen on the amount of reverb used on everything really, vocals were marginally out of key about 60% of the time, and that sir, i believe is constructive. 6/10 for me
audiorapist , I appreciate the feedback....I am just starting vocals it is gonna be a uphill struggle. I am hoping with time my recordings will improve...

haha, I dont want to sound mean, but the singing kinda made me laugh

let your singing ring out more even if it isn't in key, who cares just let her rip
if you have a car, turn this song up really loud and try and sing along and if you can't hit the note on pitch, push your voice and try and hit that note. just close, not perfect. the guitar was good though. the vocals made me fast foward through the song hahaha. 7/10.
I am gonna work work work on the vocals fo this one this weekend, it is such a classic and it is great practice for my vocals to attempt this one