Im buying a guitar next week, and was wondering if anyone knew if there was any discernible difference between the LTD Viper-50 and EC-50?

From my viewpoint all I can see is the difference in body shape and strap button location.However, there is £20 difference between the right handed versions at gak (shop I will be ordering from) and this seems a little large for purely aesthetic reasons? Im left handed (only £6 between the left handed versions) so I cannot go into a shop and try them out since no shops near me stock ESP's let alone left handed ones!

I have heard reports and read reviews saying that the Viper is neck heavy, so at the minute im leaning towards the EC-50,

any help appreciated!
DONT get LTD 50's, settle for nothing less than a 400, or a 250 if youre cheap...
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If your hearts set on a dead end LTD then let it be, but there is very little difference between which of the 2 are "better". The Viper which is not necessarily neck heavy, whether or not a Viper is neck heavy is really pot luck. I've played 301 series that arent, but my ESP Standard is, so it's down to luck.
Nothing really separates these guitars, what you're paying for really is, what you get. So go for, whichever is cheaper, or whichever one appeals to you the most if you have any extra money to put towards it.

Reason for different prices = different supply and demand of the guitar, so it's not really aesthetic, as ESP will choose to meet the certain demand of whichever model.

In my opinion, a LTD 50 series isnt the best option, like any model that far down a companies priority list, a good guitar will be a hit and miss. In other words you might get a good one, you might not. If you're not too cash strapped, buy which one you like, if you dont feel it, im sure GAK have a decent returns policy, if not you could put it on the Bay.
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