I am looking for something that matches vintage 60s/70s wah effect, for stuff like cream and hendrix. Do they make both digital and analogue wah pedals? Also, are there any pedals that act as both a wah and a whammy that do BOTH functions well? thanks
I'm not sure about the wah and whammy question, or the analogue digital one...

But, I was looking for a wah with exactly the same thoughts in mind as you, a Cream/Hendrix sound, and I found the perfect match, a Vox Clyde McCoy (Reissue) wah, it's absolutely amazing for that type of stuff, it's really vocal, very smooth, easy to switch on, and sounds good in every position.

And... Hendrix and Clappers used to use the Clyde McCoy wah back in the days...

Try a few out.
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Yeah, I was definitely thinking vox, or maybe digitech if they made a digital whammy/wah combo that is decent, I know they make a few multi sort of things that have both, but they are usually both really lame in them, vox are pretty hard to come by in australia though, and buying from the US means $100AUD just in shipping usually
Really? Damn, so that might rule out q a few brands.

Maybe you could try to find a used Vox V847 in some Aus gear ads/magazines? It's a bit different to the McCoy(a bit different sounding/ bit less vocal apparently, and doesn't have an AC jack and isn't true bypass), but still a great wah.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
I've found gear is really hard to find here, found a couple of good pedals off ebay, bought a used guitar from another state, but we don't have anything like musiciansfriend to order off, we have something similar but our prices are absolutely ridiculous. So if you find a rare guitar store that actually know what you mean when you ask for the cash/street/final price, you usually just stick with that store regardless of the lines they stock, so for me thats gibson/epiphone/boss, which is OK, but yamaha imports all vox stuff into australia, and only about 10% of the stores actually stock it
nothing is cheap i mean the crybaby (gcb-95) cost around 250 aud. as for shipping i dont know how you could get charged with 100aud i mean you might get charged 50aud but nothing more or its just plain ludicrous