As said in the topic title I have no idea if I'm asking in the right place but I may aswell give it a go instead of holding back from posting anywhere. I have been playing guitar for a year and a half (almost exactly a year and a half) but my practise is really going down the drains the last few months unfortunately so I'm not getting any better. So I'm going in for a music course at college (as well as music being one of the only things I want to do really) as I think it will help and music is my life :S. So I discussed with my guitar tutor what 2 songs I have to play for my interview. The letter I got from the college says I'll have to audition with 2 contrasting pieces of music. I know I'll get in anyhoo as I've seen people busting a simple all powerchord green day song out and stuff and getting in. So my guitar tutor and I decided to get to work on (after much thinking) "is there anybody out there" by pink floyd and "pull harder on the strings on your martyr" by trivium. I can play all of the pink floyd song anyways so that wasn't a problem and showed I knew classic chord shapes and finger picking. The trivium song was picked because it shows I can do deminished runs, hammer ons/pull offs, fiths, palm muting, octaves and so on. Still can't play all the trivium song though but I'm working on it (some bits I find difficult for my current skill level) but long story short I'm definetely going ot need a backing track for pull harder. Any idea where to get one from? Sorry about this long topic for nothing I do drag on :S. Also do you think the 2 songs will be accepted as contrasting pieces of music?
Basically the song without heafys guitar in it. So i can use it as a backing for my interview.
Perhaps www.guitarbt.com

You can also try to find the guitarpro or powertab file for it and set the guitar volume on 0
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http://rookie0ne.dmusic.com/ <first song there. i'm not familiar with the song, so i dont know how its supposed to sound, but in the b.t. at that site there is no solo in it so hopefully that's what you are looking for.
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Thanks for the help but that track seems to be a melody between two of their songs. Thanks anyways. It'll probably be alright if I bring the CD and just play over the studio recording.