Decline of civility in my head

The order has been disrupted,
Things are all falling apart
A sense of chaos has awoken
The precursor possibly to
Decline of civility in my head.

Can?t you feel the sickness
As it?s crawling up your back
Peering into the back of your mind
Without permission, without restriction
You just get lost in the music
So sweet the coma,
Of a melodic conundrum

And from all angles,
Bombarded by the questions,
Making me so, so, so irritable,
Anxious for freedom, on edge
Pushing me further from my sanity
I need to help me help myself

But so unholy the day it was
When you raped me,
Unknowingly teaching me
To rape others just as you had done
The transition was your art,
From civility to perversion

Can?t you taste the scars,
The bitter nectar that is blood,
There is no longer any good
Amongst the ruins that is man
There is only the decline of civility
In my head.
when im layin', im still tryin', concentratin' ,on dyin' ........yea

-Alice in Chains
Hum, it´s a bit to emo for my tastes, but i can relate to what Drowning_Helena said, cause i gess that you wrote that because you are a very sensitive person.
You´re just outside
yeah it was quite good. i can tell it was written from inside. it did kinda drag on. the starting was amazing but as you went on it seemed you forced emotion out. over all.....7/10