Does anyone personally own this guitar? I could get one for about 700 usd with Joe Satriani's signature on it. Tell me what you think. Thanx
As Danno said, if its the 100, leave it be. But, if its the 1000 or the 1200, go for it.
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^I've yet to see you comment on a guitar's playability or sound, gay.

Which one would you like me to comment on?
I own the JS1000. ITs amazing the neck is fast and smooth to play on. The Bridge never goes out of tune and I go crazy with divebombs. Its made out of Basswood body and its extremely light. The Pickups are DiMarzios and their great and what makes it better is it has Coil tap. Overall its amazing and for 700$ its a deal mine was 1,100$.
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thank you very much everybody, (exept for gaylord), ill try to find out if its a 100, 1000, or 1200. All i no is that it plays like a god.
heyhey it is a js1000 wohhohhhhhhhhhhoooooooo!!!!

its used tho, and im gonna try and talk the seller down to 500
Those have compound radius fretboards, don't they?

Should be pretty cozy
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whats a compund radius fretboard? when its thicker at the nut and thinner at the high frets?
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whats a compund radius fretboard? when its thicker at the nut and thinner at the high frets?
the fret wire is more curved at the top to make chording easier and flatter towards the high notes for soloing/bending