I like forcing people to listen to this (sometimes against their will).. and I just realised, I never posted it here!
so now, you get to listen too!

I think I meant to redo it.. or fix it up.. as I cough and stuff at the beginning, but I'm too lazy now...

Its the only song there so clicky and enjoy

This life's too good to last
and I'm too young to care.

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luvin it!
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Nice, very nice.

You get a new pet.

oh, wait a sec...
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Awww Gillian, heres a post so you stop feeling like a loserface. Love the coverr!!!
'J'adore ah les femmes', yeah I love my riches, 'bonjour' money and 'au revoir' bitches
haha awesome! i know how you feel about not having a band too gal


why are girls so much better at singing than guys?
you're really good at singing by the way, listen to mine at myspace.com/nickmillermi (summer would probably be my best, but you know i SUCK)
Not really familar with the original but I like what I hear here. Great voice, nicely done.
this is great. Your vocals are really strong, and your playing is great too.
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lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
i liked very much

Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
That song was pretty extreme , haven't ever heard the original but whatever it was nice, and quite entertaining
Err and I listened to the ones of the first page
I must say I like your funny insolent accent^^. I really like the zombie cover, and the muse ones, and the placebo one ( ha seeing them soon).
Anyway you sing real well, and you play well too >_>. But you do sing in a kind of harsh way sometimes ..
Don't know why you aren't in a band maybe you're a horrible person dunno... maybe there isn't much people in Ireland
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