So I'm in a band with my friend since forever and he wants to do a Progressive/Metal/Alternative band, though he isnt the best song writer. His last band was a Thrash band that was total crap, due to the inexperience of the other band mates. Musically everythings fine and all except that hes stuck in the 80's and most of his "progressive" stuff is ****. Also failed to metion that he cant play anything slow which is wierd.

Basically hes thinking too big and hes falling up short....

Basically our influences are progressive bands like Queensryche(both), Dream Theater(me), Coheed and Cambria(me), and various other progressive bands.

Any advice on how to get him outta his 80's glam stage?
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Well, unfortunately it's not yours or anybody elses place to change his style of music; be that what he plays or what he likes to listen to.

That said, try talking to him. Get him to listen to some of the progressive music the rest of you listen to and that you want to play, maybe help him with learning to play it, help him to play slow - although that's weird that he 'can't' - and tell him that you want to be a progressive band, and not an 80s glam rock tribute.
Yeah id try and get him listening to the music you like.
Do you like it
HARDER or Faster

It is odd he cant play slow............ but still

hes even told me that hes trying to get out of his phase, but its like nothing works and if you heard one of his recordings you prolly think it was crap. All hes really playing is powerchords swiftly. Though i think it comes from 4 years of teaching himself, though in the time w've been a band i have been able to make him into more of a musician than a guitar player.

I need to give that ****tard a call
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"Oh baby baby yes yes YES! YES! *pinch harmonic*"
being unable to play slow is a regular symptom of metal-heads. they simply don't play slow as often as they play ridiculously fast, and it throws them off because they have to think of the beat.
That happened to me a few years ago. I was really into Van Halen when I was in a Christian Alternative rock band. Haha...you can guess how that went

Anyway, once I quit that band, I was in another one for awhile, but I still played the same way. Eventually, I stopped being so stubborn and expanded my musical tastes astronomically. But it was my decision, and nobody told me to do that.

You can suggest things and give him some advice, but otherwise, you have to leave it up to him.