OK here's a thread for the best band ever!!!!
You can post everything here videos,comments....
What do you thing 'bout the guys????
ZZ Top is damn good. They have been together forever. And they still sound like they do when they started. My favorite song is got me under pressure.
Awesome band...not a bad thing can be said about them. Particularly Billy Gibbons (Jimi Hendrix's favorite guitar player)

Favorite song: Just Got Paid
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Deguello and Tres Hombres are both worth picking up.
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I have Tres Hombres and Eliminator. I don't really care for the latter. There is something about it that just isn't right.
sharp dressed man and tush! wat awesome songs! Gibbons is a slide master!
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Tush, La Grange, Jesus Just Left Chicago, and Pearl Necklace > Life.
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love billy gibbons. . . I'm Bad (I'm nationwide) is one of my all-time favorite songs

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Yeah ZZ Top was great, one of my favorite bands, but the quality of their music lacks as they progressed, but their older stuff is classic and timeless.
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I think they're decently good - Gibbons is a great guitarist.

However, I haven't heard enough of them to call myself a fan, but I like what I have heard.

same here
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I have Tres Hombres and I think it is a great album. I don't like them greatly but their songs are great to jam over and Gibbons is a great guitarist. I even like their more modern stuff aswell (eg Give Me All Your Lovin', Legs).

Also, to take the time out to grow their beards like that has to gain them some respect.
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I love ZZ Top. Billy Gibbons style of guitar is amazing, and I love his pinch harmonics. La Grange is probably my favorite ZZ Top song.
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I personally love ZZ Top, we all know that zakk wylde is the pinch harmonics king, but where do you think he got them from? thats right the great Billy gibbons, is it just me or is he possibly the most under rated guitarist? when ppl talk about the great guitarists he is never brought up, unless i have a say in it
ZZ Top is an extremely good band and "Sharp Dressed Man" is one of the best songs ever written. Billy Gibbons is a very good guitarist and is good enough to be on a top ten best guitarist list.