sounds like the intro to michael jacksons beat it for a second there, but then the bass and guitar sound good as they come through. As the song plays, it drifts further from that intro which was a good idea, if you had come back to it, and not used it as some "intro".

overall good piece man, throw some vox on it, and "un-pop" drums and you can count it.

hit me with a crit, im a page back so the bump would help.

Thanx for checking out my stuff. I am checking out your original now.

I do like the weird intro. The acoustic part, towards the front of the tune, reminds me of a Skynnard song. Which one? I don't know. I do not listen to that type of music not that there is anything wrong with that, just it's not me), but I know it is one of them. I like the electric tone.