I recently saw Coheed and Cambria live and I noticed that they used sampling from movies, or other prerecorded sounds and stuff in between songs (the Crowing), or sometimes during songs (Ten Speed). I knew that they do that stuff on their albums, but how do you pull that off live?

Is there a way for my band to do that sort of stuff and our shows?
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My band does that on occasion, all you need is a way to hook up a CD/MP3 player up to the PA, or if the venue has a CD player hooked into the PA already, just use that.
Record the sample you want to use.
Put it into an audio-editing program, edit it so it loops well.
Copy and paste many times (so much faster than the loop function, plus it's idiot-proof)
Burn it to a cd, and play the CD through the PA.
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if you want to use samples properly youre gonna need a sampler or a laptop. a sampler allows you to record things and it will loop the recording over and over again until u say stop. beck would be a good example. you could use a laptop if you want to get really precise. record the samples into something like audacity or pro tools, chop em up however you want to and repeat it as many times as you want. hook either one to the PA and youre sorted.
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