Hey, i really like the look of an SG, and i have about 800 dollars, but i want a tremolo guitar, and was loking at an ibanez too, but i htink sg's look better, and i'm wondering how the maestro tremolo is, can you raise and lower the pitch like on a floyd rose??? , i don't want a bigsby, i personally think they're ugly, was just wondering, the guitar i was looking at is this one, (the one i was looking at was on music123.com, but the picture wasn't showing up, so i posted this one, it's discontinued on musiciansfriend, but not on music123)
G-400 Custom Maestro

i know it's an epiphone and everyone thinks they suck, but i can just change out the pickups for gibson ones, and besides, i'm not ashamed of having an epiphone guitar, and i don't want to spend over 700 on a guitar
get a ibanez rg270dx thats what i have and its great! or just save ur cash and get a real gibson sg because in the long run it will be a better guitar and unlike epi's (i used to own an epi so i know what im talking about) gibsons NEVER lose value they only gain. but i u seriously want an epiphone u could alwayes do some additional routing nd install a floyd rose trem system
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dude, are you a beginner? If so, stay away from tremolos. They will only get on your nerves, and your not advanced enough yet to actually use one the way they were meant to be used. Trust me. I've been there. Stick to stop-tails./
k, i'm not a beginner, just have aqlways had a stop tail, and just recently bought a string-thru, was just wanting a trem so i could do the really high or low bends
i have a sg special faded. it is amazing!! great for the price and very versatile- with great action and a fast neck. your right they look amazing. i agree with CoreysMonster floyd roses are annoying and nobody should have to deal with the bull**** they dishout!! SG!!!