i want to buy a new guitar and/or amp in a week or 2 so i am looking for some suggestions. ideally i would like to get a fender SRV sig Strat and a 65' super reverb RI. my only problem is i can only afford one of them right now. i have only been playing for about 9 months so my current setup is "lacking" to say the least.

currently i have:
Samick LP copy
Samick strat copy
Crate GX-15 practice amp
dunlop wah
ibanez ts808

now common sense tells me that i would probably benefit more from a better amp then a guitar but i really hate the guitars i have right now. i was thinking maybe getting the SRV and a cheaper amp like a blues jr, that would hold me over till i could get the super reverb. So basically im kinda unsure what i should do. i live in E. Lansing, MI so this weekend i'll probably go to Elderly insturments and play an SRV through a super reverb and through a bunch of other amps to see if i can find a good compromise. so anyways, if anyone has any suggestions or advice that would be great.

buy the amp, you wont regret it. Its better to have a bad guitar and a good amp than a good guitar and a lousy amp, trust me
Hmm, you could get the SRV Strat and the Blues Jr, which would be an amazing combo with your Tubescreamer too.

But, why not just buy a regular Strat? or a Japanese or American one, and buy a better amp than the Blues Jr (although I love mine), maybe you could find a Super Reverb used on eBay for cheap?
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Hey, dude. Take the Amp. I have the same problem.

Whatever style you are, no matter how much you loathe your guitars, the sound of the amp is crucial to your playing. With a good enough amp, you can make most guitars sound good. As long as you like (or at least tolerate) the look of your Axe, go with the amp first, then the guitar later.

Hope this helped.
Hmm, another option is that you could get the Super Reverb used, so you'll save a bit of money, and then with that money, buy some Texas Specials for your Strat copy so you can get a bit closer to that SRV sound.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
What about if you sold one or both of your other guitars to buy the amp and guitar?
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**** the reissues go on ebay. I almost got a super reverb for 1100. But my parents didn't let me buy it.