I have a line 6 POD 2.0... I bought it used because it was a good deal, rather than getting the XT. Anyways I know the distortion sounds aren't the greatest, but the effects and cleans I get are awesome. I have a flanger and chorus pedal, but they are of lower quality. What do you think about running my Pod through the effects loops and having three channels haveing effects added and the other channel for my distortion pedal going through the front of my amp. i do have the 4 channel footswitch.

I'll map it out for you if you're confused

[Guitar > Distortion pedal > Amp]
[ Effect send > POD > BBE Sonic Maximizer > Effect Return]

I have yet to try it, but this could be my solution to not spending a couple hundreds of dollars on single pedal effects.

thanks and sorry it took so much wording to explain this.
Im pretty sure Inflames does this on their 5150's.
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yaa, do that, thats how i use my POD XT LIVE. I put it through the fx loop, and i use the amps clean/overdrive. The POD cleaned up my floor board, and allowed me to add more effects to my live rig without over complicating the floor and carrying/buying a crap load of effects. Works great. I dont konw about what version POD you have, but play around with the Output options to best suit your amp, it takes tweaking, but can sound great. Good luck,

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