i love romantic rights
it is one of teh coolest bass riffs ever
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She looks like Rusty Cooley with tits.

man i thought i was the only one that knew about these guys, but yea the are amazing. probably the most unique bass quitar style out there
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Yeah, excellent band.

You're a Woman is a great album.


+ black history is their best song. might listen to it now
double post, but my nets playing up. sorry

this is very interesting!

Death from Above 1979 is currently recording a new album, which it plans to release in three versions: the traditional bass/drums lineup, a full band lineup with musicians assembled by Grainger, and a remix album.
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But Jon, will this cost us, the consumer, three times as much?

I am hoping not. Good abnd though..they've got some great tracks but it does get a little boring after a while for me because the sound doesn't vary too much.
Yep great band, i have a few 7" singles, very nice
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
i love these guys but i heard they were breaking up liek the day i found out about them, that kinda sucks, but now i hear they are releasing a new album soon? im confused.

yeah anyway these dudes are awesome, kinda liek the white stripes with that whole DRUM+BASS thing

i dont know what the Fuck this smiley is doing
it should not cost anyone extra, The Early November is putting out a Tripple Disc for the price of one.
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