Out of my vox ad50 i cant seem to get a tone that sounds like a cranked marshall
I was thinking of getting a boss ds-1, would I be able to get that tone?
or do any of you know a good EQ i could use to get that kind of tone?
if theres and other pedals you would recommend please say them
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Probably a Marshall Guv'nor or w/e its called
Marshall makes a distortion/overdrive pedal that is supposedly


other than that you gonna need a real marshall JCM to get that real marshall sound
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Again, you create two topics asking identical questions when the topic labeled "Vox" answers them.
A Marshall Pedal would help you, like The Guv'nor or Shredmaster but unfortunatly they're both rare and expensive. You can get almost any sound you want with any distortion pedal and eq pedal, but you gotta know how to work them properly.