Here is a sample of a live recording unreheased and unedited (sorry about the poor quality)

This was the first meeting with our new guitarist and my second meeting with the drummer.

Drummer was playing electric drums
Chad- Epi V Goth and (zoom) pedal board
Chaz (Me) Epi LP Classic through Vox ToneLab & Peavey EFX 212

We were just goofing off...


um i would try to listen but the link is broken, yea thats why you probably havnt gotten replies
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MP3's. Wav files are too large to fit anyhow. Dmusic has been unreliable for me.. but seems to be working fine now. I just deleted it and re-uploaded it.

I still have no Critics, guess my material is so perfect nobody has any advice to offer?
I just listened to both songs, have to say they were pretty cluttered. I couldn't tell the difference between the instruments in both songs, they all just sounded like a cluttered mess (especially vWortworm). That could be just because of the abysmal recording quality, however, It seems as though your band is unorganized at the moment. I'm sure with a decent quality recording, your songs will be more audible and easier understood. Good luck with the bass player.

everyone should be uploading to filelodge imo, click on the link, and it starts loading with quicktime no messing round trying to find the right song etc ... and you can upload 500mb

for the song: seems like you have the same set up as us, recording live with electric drum kits and everything hehe ... some cool riifs amongst there, especially liked the low chugging bits... few timing issues here and there. overall mix doesnt have many low frequencies sounds like it has potential
Thanks for the Crits guys...

EVH and Juscook, do you guys think it'll fly well enough on Myspace to start promoting and to get heard or do you think I should practice with the boys more and get more tight and structure?

The timing issues were because me and Chad (the guitarist) were making fun of the drummers facial expressions while we were jammin out that tune... he was all smiling and making these weird faces and ****... it was hilarious.

We have more practice sessions Tuesday and Wednesday, not sure if we are going to be recording (in the drummer's 6x8 bedroom) or going to set up his double bass Tama set in my basement to rehearse.

Anyhow, do you think it's good enough for myspace?

Pretty good in concept. The recording quality makes the guitar tone soud really tinny and hollow, and this definitely needs some bass. However, I think this song clearly shows that you guys as a band do have potential to craft some good songs. The guitar parts are pretty cool
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It sounds a little off time.

This was our first get together with the other guitarist [Chad] and we were making fun of the drummer while playing VwortWorm... he had this huge smile like he stole some little kids candy. We recorded it live in this 6x8 upstairs apartment bedroom... it was hot as hell and we were laughing our asses off at the drummer... It was a blast!

Think it's good enough to put on Myspace to start getting recognition or would it give a bad rap?
Definately differen t from most things I have heard. Has an industrial feel with the effects and such. It is off-time in parts, but it is one of the off-beat parts and they are sometimes hard to play.(I write weird **** that is off beat). Pretty decent though, but it is kinda boring, maybe change it up a little more. Nice!!
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quality on the guitars and drums are quite decent, mixed well.

I dont really like the guitar tone, the (flange?) effect is a bit off-putting.

I think you should really put more leads in somewhere, or some sort of climax, anything to really get this going. It starts out with a solid bass, but doesnt really go anywhere as a song to keep the listener interested. And the leads that are already in there should be turned up.

Ah.......there's a lead, towards the end. Turn that up.

spice it up a bit!
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Sorry to say man, but i hope yo were just goofin around, cause honestly, ur guitarist has terrible timing