Danko has been around for a few years now, however, I believe strongly that their latest album and tour will rocket them to recognizable stardom, "sleep is the enemy" is a great have fun without getting to into the lyrics album. Kinda like andrew wk kinda ****, just for people who like to party at an extremely high energy level. Check out their site for more info and shiz

So you're a member of the band, I take it?

I personally hate them. They're the ones with that "Get Stoned" song, right? Or is that Hinder? I don't know. Whoever has that song, I hate. I hate the guys voice, I hate the retarded lyrics, and I hate the guitar work. Ooh, I see that IS Hinder. Well, I get that mixed up with the "Forget My Name" song, because they're exactly the same, and they are both awful.
I agree. Hinder is just another wannabe rock band. They will play that dumbass song on the radio eight million times till it gets old and you will not hear it again. Just another one hit wonder. Kind of like smile empty soul bottom of a bottle I used to hear that song on the radio all of the time when it first came out but I never hear it anymore. It's the kind of music that me and my friends could go out in the garage with our music equipment and be famous. I would like to see and hear a new rock band come out with something original rather than the same old ****. I miss the Alice in chains and Pearl Jam days. But I agree with hinder's lyrics, it is nice to go home and get stoned! As for Danko Jones, I have never heard of the band???
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I like Danko Jones when I am in the mood for them. They have pretty catchy guitar riffs and lyrics