Hi all,

Im thinking of selling my guitar but i dont know how much its worth because it has no name on the headstock.

Basically as you can see its a violin bass, 22 frets, wooden bridge, mrtal tail pice, now heres the problem: i dont know what its made from and i dont know the

On the plus side the main body is hollow, does that make it special in anyway?

Picture 044.jpg
What brand is it?
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absolutley nothing. You should just give it to me, so I can burn it for you.

jk, I'd say about $500+, violin basses are really desireable right now.
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What brand is it?

I dont know, its either a copy or its been custom made, my uncle gave it to me, my hunch is it was custom made, because it looks and feels high quality but i dont know
it looks pretty crap but i bet some old guy in sum crappy seaside town would buy it for no reason whatso ever, put it on ebay or get it valued by someone
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thats the guitar, unless the headstocks are copied from something. Seriously, sell it on ebay, I can almost garuntee some collector will buy it.
i'm pretty sure rogue doesn't put it's names on some of their headstocks or at least they used to not to, if i remember the days of flipping through a musicians friend magazine during high school study hall correctly.
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i'm pretty sure rogue doesn't put it's names on some of their headstocks or at least they used to not to, if i remember the days of flipping through a musicians friend magazine during high school study hall correctly.

So you reckon its a Rougue? Are these really old vintage guitars? How much are they worth? Also what pickups and wood are they made from?
no rogues aren't vintage. they're modern. they're basically pretty low-end guitars. the most expensive rogue guitar on musicians friend is $300.
if it is in fact a rogue, it probably isn't worth much. You can always try calling them or whoever makes them if it has a serial number to try out for sure. Regular rogue basses are going for like 65-100 or so on ebay now, you'd probably get more since it is a violin shape.

I think rogue is also just the musiciansfriend.com special brand and that was the only place you could get them.
the cherry sunburst finish on your guitar has a thicker red fade than the rogue as well. Id look on google images for Violin Basses and just compare all teh images to see which ones look similar and how similar they are.
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you cant even see the headstock in his picture. how do you know what the headstock on his looks like?

goodbydresden, post a picture of your guitar where we can see the headstock. that'll tell us a lot.
If your lucky you could have a Hofner 500/1 violin bass a.k.a the Beatles bass transition model or a copy of it. It is tough to tell from the pics. Hofner either painted there logo on the headstock or used a emblem similiar to a truss rod cover, which either could be missing or rubbed off during the years. If it is a Hofner from the pics I have seen it looks like about a mid to late sixties model. Ask your uncle how long he had the bass. If it is a hofner it could be worth a good amount of money but without the headstock logo or proper documentation not as much. It is going to be tough to get a decent price, if it is a Hofner it could range from US $1,000 to $2,000 but without logo about US $500 to about US $750. Try finding a vintage guitar shop or tech that is familiar with Hofner to see what you have there and research pics on the web to see if you can find one like yours. Good luck in your search.
The finish looks aged and has more depth then one would find on a Rogue. Im not sure how long Rogue has been around but the bass looks like its been around for a few years.
Does hofner have a s/n look up? If they don't, try rogue, if rogue dosen't, I can't help.
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Also i asked my uncle, hes had it for 5 years, he bought it off anoter guy, he doesnt know how long he had it, so its been around