Bravo it suits your lead singer quite well............pitty theres no decent lead singers in my hometown
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it was pretty damn good, the singer is perfect for it. my only complaint is the guitar solo, the guitars were perfect throughout the song until there. when i think of the slither solo i think of a pure, raw explosion of emotion and your lead guitarist's solo just lacked it, no offense. i just didnt feel anything from it. im not saying that i could do much better but it just needs more of a, how do i phrase this correctyl.....it needs more of a "BAM!"
but overall it was great, and so were the other songs, keep up the amazing work.
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Thanks for the replies
We will definitely follow some of the suggestions.

Thanks again for being true musicians.
wtf happened to the solo??? well the guitars were excellent up until that solo, and because i really like this song, it ruined it for me. your singer sounds i little weird, i dunno its probably just me.
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man apart from the solo that sounded like VR!!!! Really impressed, again the singer rocked 9/10

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damn good sounding cover man. everything except the solo is just awesome, including vox. 8/10. it just doesn't sound the same without the wah. i think this song has wah, right??? haha it's been a while since i've listened to it.