Ok the first thing i do when i pick up a guitar is finger exercizes...pretty much steve vais 10 hr workout. but when i do these exercizes i get really bored and i know its essential to becoming faster so sometimes i just put the guitar down...do i just like suck it up and do finger exercises for like an hour or should i learn different finger exercizes or what?
Join the club - Chromatic excercises bore everyone.

Try making a certain song you're learning into that excercise - it seems... excercises always have to be excercises. They don't.

Take a passage from a song you're learning focusing on a particular technique (in your case, alternate picking and finger dexterity/independence) and use that as your excercise for that technique.

You'll be playing something musical, progressing on that song and refining that particular technique.
Just play them til you're bored then play what's fun. So maybe those exercises are the "best" way to improve speed and dexterity but they're not the only way. If they're not improving your enjoyment of the instrument then don't do it as much. Just a thought.
i'm somewhere between spoonful and john, find something fun that you like. i write exercises that sound nice and also serve a purpose in learning..... like right now i'm trying to get my 2 string triplets down like....


so i'll write a line that can go up and down all the strings in whatever scale i want and go up and down all the strings in all the different modes and it sounds good (although hearing the same motif for an hour does still get old) usually after 45 minutes my ears are sick of it and i'll work on a different technique..... like 2 string quads


but yes, you do have to deal with it and it can get boring, i think the best thing to do though (the point of this being) is to make something musical to practice with so it doesn't drive you nucking futs......
Mix it up and play scales for a little while then do something fun so you arent doing chromatic exercises all day
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Hm. Well, I don't where I would fall in this, but...

I really don't find ANY exercises boring. Not now anyway, but I used to find
them boring. Just about all of them. And I can tell you that unless you solve it
for yourself, you will have a lot of problems making progress at some point.
Because the real bread & butter in improving technique is in the boring stuff.

I think it really boils down to is not understanding how your body learns,
not knowing how to focus your attention, not having patience, and not having
any faith that the process works.

When I practice, even something simple, I really try and make every note count and
come out the way I want it to while checking out as much of my awareness to
tension as possible. If I'm not totally in control of what I'm doing, or I just can't
seem to get it right or fast enough, I'll keep making constant adjustments to try
and see what works and what doesn't. It almost becomes like a game I'm having
with myself. I've learned to enjoy the game, because inevitably I'll "get it" and
that makes playiong more fun.

I'd say if you're just mechanically going through exercises and your attention
wanders all over the place and you're watching the clock to see when you exercise
time is up, then don't really knock yourself out with it. You're not going to be
getting a lot of benefit unless you pay attention. You might as well play "fun"