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Taylor 310 CE
3 60%
Martin SWDGT
2 40%
Voters: 5.
Hey guys, I'm going between these two guitars. I haven't played the Martin in this instance, but I hear they are very good guitars. I really enjoy the Taylor though and do like the fact that it is electronic.

Any body have anything they can share with me about these two guitars and which they prefer?

( I got the models right this time )
Its how you look and how you feel
i voted but i'm retarded and would like to take my vote back... i voted for the martin originally... now i think i'd say go for the taylor though the more i think about it. normally i'm a martin fan over a taylor fan any day... but i'm not a big fan of cherry as a tone wood. i like the sound of mohagony much better.
Yes, I when I played the Taylor and a similar Martin, I thought that the Taylor projected much better unplugged then the Martin. The MArtin was kind of quiet and the Taylor had a much more powerful sound.

thanks for the correction of models as well jimtaka
Its how you look and how you feel
yeah see normally a martin is quite a bit louder than a taylor imo... but between these two models i'd go with the taylor.

and you're welcome about the models. when i read that first thread i was like WTF?! hahaha
lol, Im bad at keeping model numbers straight, two many numbers and letters for me ( even though it's only 5 ) haha
Its how you look and how you feel