Well, seeing as I'm legally old enough to work a real job in a few days, and I'll finally have a cell phone so people won't have to use an email/call the house, I'm going to put a few ads out in the paper and a few music shops. First one for a drummer for my band, and the second for a free-lance musician. These are rough ads so far, anything you think may help would be greatly appreciated:

Guitarist/vocalist and bassist seeks drummer to form 3 piece blues/rock/folk band. Must have own kit and be dedicated.
Influences include but are not limited to: Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Dylan, Muse, Cream.
If interested, please call [number].

Freelance musician available; can play drums/guitar/bass/keyboards/harmonica to a good standard. Is willing to cover at gigs or in bands temporarily for any of the aforementioned instruments. Proficient in blues, jazz, rock, folk and punk. Negotiable price.
If interested, please call [number].

So yeah, anything that needs to be removed, added or changed please tell.

Looks fine and sounds professional. I don't know what the need is in your area but good luck with it.