hey everyone, i was just wondering, i want to spray my new scratchplate as it is a weird one off design i have made, and i was wondering how to go about doing it, ive read loads of different ways. basically, its black now, and i want to spray it some sort of bright pink, (haha) so what would be the best way?

thanks a lot, harry
i used krylon on my gf's, hers was already white so i just sanded it with a high grit sandpaper and put a light coat on first and then a medium coat then one more light one. but because yours is black, you need to get the krylon white primer before you paint it pink.
Or you could sand the top of the pickguard. Spray it with this stuff called bulldog. It's a paint adhesion promoter. Then paint the color of your choice. So as you're not limited to the selection of colors that Krylon makes in their fusion line. Then spray the whole thing with some clear coat.
yeah, sadn primer spray clear. I've never used an adhesion promoter so I can't say anything about that, but if you have hte money better safe then sorry.