Hello, i have a MT-2 Metal Zone pedal that i got cheap from my friend. The pedal keeps cutting out and is very unreliable. I know it is not the cables because i have tried others, it seems to cut out when i move the pedal and i suspect a problem with the input jack. I need some input on how to diagnose the problem and how i may fix it. sorry if i am being unclear.
Take it back to the place and tell them to fix it. I had this problem with mine but it turned out one of cables was dying on me. try that. I plugged my cables directly from the guitar to the amp and they worked but in a few hours i did that same thing and one cable made no noise.
You could unscrew it and see if the wire's loose on the input jack. If it is you just need to solder it back together.
i think i found the problem just after i posted this lol. and its the cable im using, its an L joint and when it is turned to a certain point the sound cuts out and i did not notice. Thanks for the input anyway
i don't see the point in fixing it to be honest...
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