is the liscnesed double locking floyd alright? will it go out of tune liek them ****ty ones on the low end RG's?
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The 2006 ones are better, they're not exactly an OFR but theyre much better than the older ones.
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if its the jpt580 (something like that) then it is a direct swap with an ofr so no need to worry about the trem going out of tune you could always replace it
I'm going to buy a RR3, I like to play Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, EnsiFerum, HammerFall, Helloween, In Flames...etc. Is it worth the money?
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Absolutely and if you don't like the pickups (you should) then you could always switch them out with EMGs.
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the floyd on it is fine, i find it almost never comes out of tune, but if you have a problem jus swap with OFR. And yes i think its worth every penny i paid
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i have a jackson soloist the same trem your talking about, i play tons of bodom. which you should know involves a lot of diving/yanking. i cant get it to go out of tune if i wanted to. its amazing. i really dont know how an OFR could be much better.

but that is also with a set thru neck, so im not 100% positive how an rr3 would react
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