ok so im customizing my old guitar and it'll be the first one i have done. right now im just wondering what would be the best way to take off the paint and clear coat. should i just start sanding or get some paint thinner or what? ..any help would be cool. thnx!
You don't have to completely remove the preexisting paint. You can just scuff the top with sandpaper and start painting. If you sand all the way down to bare wood, you'll have to reseal the wood. It'll be simpler to just paint on top of the old paint.
is there a sealer you could use after paint? like a paint-seal-then clear coat?
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what woudl be the point of it?

if you happened to miss sealing and went on to the primer first. but don't want to sand it back down, wasting the primer in the process, so use a finish that could act as a sealant.

so, could it be done?
Yeah, I guess that coudl work. But since peopel woudl use lacquer to double up as sealer anyways, yo ushdou lebalright spraying a lot of extra layers of clear on top and sanding it down until the finish is flat. tehn buffing.