What do you guys consider the best multi fx pedal simply for its effects. By this I mean that I don't care about it's amp or cabinet modelling. I'm just looking for a good delay, reverb, chorus, etc. Right now, I have a lame 100 dollar zoom that could use upgrading. Looking at going maybe in the 300-400 dollar range.
well the three best ones are the digitech gnx 4, the line 6 pod xt live, and the boss gt 8. i would say that for effects they are all about the same quality. i mean nothing beats a regular analog effects setup but these are good if u dont have the money to buy each individual effect. if u only care about the effects get any of the three but id say the gnx 4 is the best one because it has an 8 track digital recorder built into as well as a drum machine. the line 6 u can record with it but u need to by their rif works softwear for that and i was not impressed with it enough to keep so i exchanged it for the gnx 4. and the boss is just straight effects u cant record with it unless u have ur own mixer. the line 6 is about 400$, the boss is 450$, and the digitech is 500$
300-400 bucks?
3-4 seperate pedals will pwn a multi.
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you could follow pink queens advise if you arent lookin for a huge load of effects cuz if you arent then that would be the best choice. if you are then id try out a bos me-50. i have one and i love it.
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If you have the money and the patience, the GT-8 will keep you satisfied for years to come. Look no further.
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For effects go with the ME-50, it's the easiest to use, sounds the best, and has all the options you'll need without excess ones, also will keep your tone... Ebay $150-$200, BOSS is fine to get used
I know you asked for the best multi fx but single pedals do sound so much better.
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A Boss GT-8 looks amazing but complex. I'd get one if I had £300