I was wondering if someone could link me to the pedalboard (or pedal) that comes with it. I desperately need it so I can change between clean and distorted, and whatever else it will be able to do. Thanks in advance guys.
There are actually three separate pedals for the Cube 60 - one for switching between clean and distorted, one for the modulation, and one for the reverb/delay, if I remember right.

EDIT: However, zZounds.com suggested this one for the Cube 60:
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No, you can get either a one-pedal unit from Behringer, BOSS, etc - It'll switch channels, or you can get a generic 2-pedal unit (A will switch channels, and B will turn modulation on and off). As far as I understand, reverb/delay is not switchable.
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prolly wrong thread but i never really got an answer in my thread about my JMC900 footswith (or lack there of), can someone link me to a site with one that would work for it?

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Roc's right. All footswitches are pretty much the same - button A will change channels and button B will activate/deactivate effects. The Peavey will do just fine.
Boss FS6 + Boss FS5 = you can switch all three!
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From what I understand, there is a Y-adapter cable, and you can hook up two Boss footswitches to it, one to switch from Clean to Lead, and the other to change FX. Refer to your manual, or if you didn't save it, download it at the Roland website.
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^That's a standard cable, you can do it with any footswitch and get the adapter from guitar center.
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As far as I understand, reverb/delay is not switchable.

It can.