What are some of your favorite songs made acoustic?

Some of mine are: Seven Years bye Saosin, Cute Without the "E" by Taking back Sunday...

This has probably been done before, but hey...im bored...

"Emily" by From First to Last and "With This Knife..." by Smile Empty Soul and "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against. I could go on for hours...
Yea emily by from first to last is a great song, i love playing it.
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Emily is a great song but the way he sings makes me laugh I still love it...and 10 years Wastland is way better acoustic
Pickapart by John Butler. Also Oceans by John Butler...

...Anything by John butler
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Cute Without the "E" is a great song, but they totally ruined it with the acoustic. it could just be me but the version on punk goes acoustic really makes the singer seem really bad. i perfer the real version by far.

swing life away is an awesome acoustic song. playing for keeps by matchbook romance is just awesome imo. rufio's over it one of the greatest acoustic song (if only the singer didnt use his head voice while singing, otherwise its great).

i could go on for ages. there were just so many songs that i loved that i just had to get an acoustic so i could learn how to play them
Glad to see that someone else is a smile empty soul fan. I want my life is also a great song by them but I don't know if they have a so called "acoustic version" of it rather than the one on the album since it is played on an acoustic. How about "Vermillion" by Slipknot.
Layla - Eric Clapton
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Thrice's Opaque and Muse's Plug In Baby.

Oh jees. Thrice's Opaque is an amazing song. At school we get 3 people to play it all at once. Its better then singing kumbaya.
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minuet-from 1st 2 last
stairway-led zepplin
swing life away-rise against
and i used to like
good riddance-green day
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