ok, Im looking for a wah pedal that can handle metal and blues but Ive tested the Zack Wylde one=Sucks and the Original Crybaby=Sucks, I need one for metal and some hendrix n' all..Any recomendations?
if ur lookin for sometin for hendrix they got signature ones of him from dunlop
also look at vox pedals alot of famous wah users used them before to get big like hendrix dimebag slash wylde
tried morley tremonti wah yet?
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tried morley tremonti wah yet?

i dont htink ive heard one bad thing about that wah.
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if the crybaby sucks to you then just dont buy a wah

uhhh crybabies do suck...
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if there's a mom and pop shop near you, you might see if they a wah pedal made by Fulltone, its called the Clyde.
Budda or Vox
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try the ibanez wd7 weeping demon if u can, its the most versatile wah pedal out there. u can literally tear your sound apart and remould with this pedal. can switch between auto switch (like a crybaby) and footswitch (like a stompbox). look at the review on this site for it. i really recommend it
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